marți, 23 martie 2010


Eram pornit sa imi vars naduful pe Inna, caci am vazut un interviu de-al ei in limba engleza, in care she SUCKS at English so much! Nu ca as lua-o personal, insa ea canta in limba asta asadar ma asteptam sa o si stie. Ei bine, am dat acum peste alt interviu, in romana, in care nu am fost atent la cum zice, ci la ce zice, si descopar ca imi place cum gandeste, si ma trezesc iar cu zambetul pe buze cand ma uit la ea.. :)) Vorba aia, unde dai si unde crapa. Sau ma rog, ceva de genu, ca nu se preteaza 100% pe cazul de fata.

Si va las cu melodia care imi place cel mai mult. Oricum, e bine ca schimba o idee stilul.

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Anonim spunea...

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don't quit and also keep posting mainly because it just worth to look through it,
excited to look at more of your current posts, stunning day :)

Cristian spunea...

Wow, thanks! You writing in English makes me wonder if you understand Romanian, but you must do since you say you enjoy my posts.
Thanks very much, this is the nicest thing anyone said about my blog.